"Customer Satisfaction Pilot Studies and Analysis"

Prepared for:

The Office of the Workforce Excellence Network Employment and Training Administration
U.S. Department of Labor
Washington, DC 20210

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Response Rates
Basic Descriptive Statistics
Alternatives to the Average
Dispersion of Responses
Response Comparisons
Examples of Analyses from Pilot Studies
Comparisons Over Time
ASCI Questions/Index and Additional State Questions
Overall Satisfaction and Outcomes

Appendix A: Participant Data

State A Participants
State B Participants
State C Participants
State D Participants
State E Participants
State F Participants

Appendix B: Employer Data

State B Employers
State D Employers
State E Employers
State F Employers

Appendix C

Customer Satisfaction Handbook (PDF)
(467 KB, 67 pages)

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Ronald Schack (860)478-7847
Bennett Pudlin (860)324-3555
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