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The Charter Oak Group, LLC is the premier Results-Based Accountability™ consultant in Connecticut.  COG's three partners, Barry Goff, Ph.D.,  Bennett Pudlin, JD, and Ron Schack, Ph.D., help federal, state and local government and non-profit organizations develop Results-Based Accountability™ frameworks and guide their use for demonstrating success, developing strategies aligned with results, creating user friendly reports, and using both population and performance information for continuous improvement.  For the last five years, we have helped the Connecticut General Assembly develop and implement an approach to applying RBA to the budget process.

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The Charter Oak Group, LLC's work with the Connecticut General Assembly

For the past five years, COG has worked with the Connecticut General Assembly's (CGA) Appropriations Committee to adapt RBA for use in the budgeting process in Connecticut. Early work included conducting training for agency staff and legislators, developing templates and an RBA glossary of terms, and piloting an RBA hearing process with the Early Childhood Cabinet and the Department of Environmental Protection. These pilots continued to evolve in subsequent years, to include more programs and to refine the approach to presentation of the RBA information. This fifth year, COG is working with CGA to implement RBA throughout the budget process as most agencies have been asked to develop RBA report cards for at least three of their most important programs.

COG's Results-Based Accountability™ work with other recent clients includes:

Early Childhood Cabinet. —Helped develop the Cabinet's overall “Ready by Five, Fine by Nine” RBA model and create more detailed population level, system level, and program level RBA reports.

Juvenile Jurisdiction Policy and Operations Coordinating Council. —Facilitated multiple partners in developing an RBA model to inform service recommendations for the Raise the Age Effort.

Child Poverty And Prevention Council. —Developed a high-level RBA model for the Child Poverty and Prevention Council.

City of Hartford Office of Youth Services.—Assisted in developing an RBA model that has been used to create the new office and to present the office’s budget to the City Council.

Permanent Commission on the Status Of Women. —Facilitated the development of population and program level report cards for PCSW.

CSSD-DCF Juvenile Justice Joint Strategic Plan. —Facilitated the application of RBA to a revised Juvenile Justice joint strategic plan.

CT State Department of Education. —Trained SDE staff in RBA methods and helped guide agency-wide implementation of RBA.

Justice Education Center, Inc.—ECHO. —Developed an RBA model to support formative and evaluative evaluations of the ECHO program.

Capital Workforce Partners. —Facilitated a community level selection of population indicators and assisted in the development of an organizational RBA model that is used for planning and program improvement.

Graustein Memorial Fund/State Department of Education. —Provided RBA training and technical assistance to 23 Discovery communities that had received planning grants to develop Birth to Age 8 community plans.

Graustein Memorial Fund. —Helped facilitate the application of RBA to GMF’s own strategic planning process for 2010-2014.

Connecticut Employment and Training Commission. —Assisted in the development of RBA models for Youth and Adult programs and continued development of indicator reports for youth and adults program.


The Charter Oak Group, LLC provides an array of decision support services to organizations, from integrated performance management systems to accelerated decision processes that address specific public policy or service delivery issues. COG is one of the leading Results-Based Accountability™ consulting groups in the country, having worked with the Appropriations Committee of the Connecticut legislature, numerous state agencies, other government entities, nonprofit organizations, and community groups. It also provides evaluation and data analysis services for new and existing programs, as well as technical training to support these activities.


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