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Senior Community Service Employment Program

This Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) web page is sponsored by The Charter Oak Group, LLC. From here, you can access the latest information on the SCSEP data collection system, the data collection forms, and related issues.


The link below will take you to COG’s forum site, which includes two forums related to the SCSEP data collection system. The first is an Ask the Experts forum, where you can post questions and COG, in consultation with the USDOL Division of Older Worker Programs (DOWP), will respond. The second is a moderated General Discussion forum which allows participants to discuss topics related to SCSEP data collection. While COG will monitor this forum as a way of identifying technical assistance needs, COG is not responsible for any information conveyed in the General Discussion forum. Some topics discussed in the General Forum may be used as the basis for Ask the Experts questions and responses. Go to Forums

Other Resources

Standardized Grantee Names and Codes (November 2018)

SCSEP Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Nationwide Survey Reports

Senior Community Service Employment Program - Employer Survey Kit Rev.4 (2/20/16)

Data Collection Forms Effective December 10, 2018

Participant Form 12/10/2018

Community Service Assignment Form 12/10/2018

Exit Form 12/10/2018

Unsubsidized Employment Form 12/10/2018

SCSEP Data Collection Handbook, Revision 7 (March 2017)

You can view or download the complete Handbook by clicking on the link above. The Handbook is best viewed as a PDF document because you can use the “Find” feature to search for any data element or topic.  It is also designed to be printed in landscape format, back-to-back, bound at the top, exactly as it appears. The first page of text for each Guide will be on the top when the Handbook is opened.

Supplement to Data Collection Handbook, Unsubsidized Employment Form Guide for New Employment Outcome Measures in PY 2018, Beginning July 1, 2018, Revision 7.2 (4/26/19)

This supplement revises the Unsubsidized Employment Form Guide to reflect the new employment outcome measures that were effective on July 1, 2018. It is updated from the original release of Revision 7.0 to correct several typographical errors and to address the requirement to include the net income of self-employed participants in the median earnings measure.

Quarterly Progress Report

PY 2018 SPARQ Quarterly Progress Report, ETA-5140 (November 2018)

QPR Handbook Rev.6 (09/21/2015)

SCSEP PY 2015 Minority Report

Final Volume I (5/11/16)

Final Volume II (5/11/16)

For technical assistance regarding the SCSEP Data Collection System, contact COG at:

[email protected]

COG will respond within 24 hours. Some e-mail questions and responses will be posted (no authorship indicated) on the Ask the Experts forum.

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