Customer Satisfaction Pilot Studies and Analysis

Dispersion of Responses (Continued)

Figure 2: Distribution of Participant ACSISAT Scores

Figure 2

The six graphs in Figure 2 (above) illustrate the distribution of responses on the ACSISAT for the six pilot studies. Generally, they look alike. A high number of positive scores skew the distribution to the right. Some differences, however, are evident. The top four states have small but significant numbers of customers with extremely low satisfaction. State A has the highest proportion of extremely satisfied customers with the remaining customers widely scattered over the rest of the range. The distribution can suggest looking at particular groups to see if there are some common experiences the mark the different parts of the distribution. State F has the smallest standard deviation (the narrowest distribution) indicating greater agreement among customers about the average level of service. This could result from having a more homogeneous customer base or being able to adapt to varying customer needs, thus creating a more consistent perception of service quality.

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