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“In August 2005, the co-chairs of the Appropriations Committee of the Connecticut General Assembly, Representative Denise Merrill and Senator Toni Harp, created an RBA Work Group of the Appropriations Committee.   The Work Group’s charge was to determine the applicability to the Connecticut budget process of the results-based accountability framework developed by Mark Friedman of the Fiscal Policy Studies Institute, who provided training to Work Group members at the beginning of the project.    The Work Group, which is co-chaired by Representative Diana Urban and Senator Bob Duff, has 16 members.  The full membership list is attached as Appendix I.  The Work Group, through the auspices of the Office of Policy and Management, retained The Charter Oak Group, LLC, to adapt the Friedman framework for the Connecticut appropriations process and to guide the initial implementation of the project.”

Following is the final report and appendices for the RBA Budget Initiative:




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