Tables for Persistent Unemployment

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Tables for Persistent Unemployment

Postby charteroakadmin » Mon May 02, 2011 3:45 pm

Q: According to the Data Validation Handbook, there are only two tables in existence for this program year: one for July 1–December 31 and one for February 1–June 30. Which table should be used for January?

A: There is an error in the DV Handbook. The date for the most recent table should be January 1-June 30. Even though there is a necessary blackout period from January 1 until mid-April, once the new table is available, you must use it for any participant newly enrolled on or after January 1, and you may use it for any existing participant who was enrolled prior to January 1.

Note that if you are using persistent unemployment to support an extension for a participant who is scheduled to reach his or her durational limit during the first quarter of the next program year, you must use only the new table to update the waiver factor during the fourth quarter of the current program year or the first quarter of the next program year.
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